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Welcome to Meriloo Adventures! Perhaps you were just browsing for deals on airfares, hotel stays, restaurant dining rewards, retail/shopping discounts, or looking to add special activities for your next vacation or roadtrip. Whether you are traveling alone or with a group, Meriloo Adventures offer life enrichment experiences that can bring fun, colorful, and joyful moments into your life. Pursue your passion! Check out our Class Schedule and VIP Unique Experiences! You deserve to add more colors and capture quality moments during your next free time alone, with family, or with friends. Never stop learning. Take lots of photos! Join us by celebrating life everyday! Do what you enjoy today!

Explore The World

Amazing cultural experiences are waiting for you. Book new class experiences for your next travel plans! Continue to explore new destinations for relaxation, by adding lifelong learning and memorable enrichment experiences.

Discover Unlimited Beauty

Meet different people, cultures, traditions, and landscapes. The beauty of traveling is to see beyond your own setting and discover new experiences along the way. Participate in new ideas and expand your horizons, deepen your understanding, and foster epiphanies.

Explore Inner Peace

You may not always see everything within a day, a few days, or weeks. By booking a selective classroom experience at a selected destination with Meriloo Adventures, you are just a step closer to turning the vacation into another fabulous educational experience for yourself, your family, and friends.

Improve Your Spirit And Mind

A variety of activities and experiences are available within miles from your neighboring destination. Select the ones for improving your mindset, building self confidence, and adding positivity to your everyday life. Be immersed into timeless moments.

Find Your Real Self

Life is too short for not making your favorite hobbies a priority or a part of your life. You are never too old to set new goals and dreams. Taking a vacation is the start of allowing time and opportunity for yourself. Make it a memorable journey and share with those around you! Your journey begins by enrolling into new experiences.


From exotic places to ski resorts, a vacation list is almost endless. Whether you plan to ride on boats, dine at restaurants, shop at markets, or explore the castles, you can still make time to improve yourself and learn new skills.

What People Say

“We booked a trip to celebrate our honeymoon and we’re excited to explore new activities. We created our packing list, enrolled into new experiences, and had a wonderful journey.”

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Global Destinations

Book a valuable class experience! Select your favorite activities and start packing for your memorable vacation. Be a part of those experiences and share! Join Meriloo Adventures destinations, upcoming class experiences, or entrepreneurship workshops! Get immersed into local experiences and meet other travelers along the way.

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

New Orleans Adventure

Experience the French Quarter hotels, restaurants, 24/7 pubs, and shops. Sign up for a guided swamp tour or steamboat Natchez lunch cruise along the Mississippi River/Gulf of Mexico.

Waikiki, Hawaii, USA

Discover Waikiki

Visit tourist site Waikiki shops, local beaches, views of the Pacific Ocean, waterfalls, and Polynesian Cultural Center for live performances and surrounding island experiences.

Osaka, Japan

Explore Osaka

Try various Osaka restaurants, Namba, Umeda & Shinsaibashi shopping districts, kimono & tea making ceremonies, ninja or shinobi training, high speed train rides, and visit surrounding cities.

Tallin, Estonia

Visit Tallinn

Take a weekend tour to see Tallinn’s cobblestoned Old Town village, gothic churches, cafés, restaurants, and museums displaying 13th century information.

Stockholm, Sweden

See Stockholm

Stroll around the cute historic town of Gamla Stan, visiting colorful shops and restaurants along cobblestone streets, The Royal Palace, Vasa Museum, as well as other 17th and 18th century sites. Ride local ferry cruise boat rides to neighboring Europe countries.

Kyoto, Japan

Dress Up In Kyoto

The traditional old Gion district includes diversified shops, restaurants, kimono costumes, tea ceremonies, Shinto shrines, machiya homes, temples, gardens, castles, and more. Discover great street foods and cultural attractions here.

Helsinki, Finland

Live in Helsinki

See modern shops, glassware, wood work, Uspenski Cathedral, Parliament House, Kiasma, Finnish National Opera House, visit secondhand retail stores, and observe beautiful views overlooking the Gulf of Finland.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Shop in Copenhagen

Spend time walking or biking around the shopping district day and night. Stop by The Little Mermaid statue landmark, see Tivoli Gardens, and visit Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen.

Iga & Koka, Japan

Ninja Magic

Participate in ninja, samurai, or shinobi experiences by visiting the actual ninja villages. Gain knowledge through visiting museums and listening to stories behind the ninja culture. See ninja homes. Experience walking into secret hiding places and see unique weapons.

Prague, Czech Republic

City of Prague

View the Old Town Square, walk on Charles Bridge, listen to live musicians, eat along the Vltava River, try Bohemian foods, pub night life, Prague Castle, and it’s neighboring castles.

Kobe, Japan

Try Kobe

Try high quality grade Kobe beef around town. See the Kobe Port Tower, boats, bridges, and attractions by the port. Nankin-Machi or Chinatown and discounted retail stores are hidden gems in this city.

Nara, Japan

Walk in Nara

Walk around the entire old capital district and Nara Park. Explore the old shrines, Buddhism temples, museums, and beautiful views of friendly deers/Bambi. Try the old traditional persimmon leaf wrapped and pressed sushi, along with various soba buckwheat noodles.

Paris, France

Dream of Paris

Capture beautiful views of the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre Museum, Montmartre streets, shop around Châtelet Les Halles Forum, Champs-Élysées, or have lunch on La Seine River, and relax. Paris is packed with musical entertainments, art events, fashion shows, restaurants, and more.

Invest yourself, your family, and friends into new experiences. Get insights to unique cultures around the globe! Create the enrichment paths for you or with a group.

Create Moments That Will Last A Lifetime

You are the decision maker to your own destination.

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