2020: Walking And Working In Fears of Coronavirus

In my opinion, The Federal Reserve slashing the interest rates by 0.50 was a panic too soon. Short term billions are still being made in this market. During sideway market swings, the airlines, cruises, hotels, restaurants, and credit cards/banks are being hit hardest. Yes, cleaning supplies, utilities, household products, groceries, and online entertainment/online shopping will continue to thrive.💻💳📱⌚️But, life should go on. Everything in life is only temporary. We still need to put food onto the tables and move on with daily routines.

Any cash/digital currency is king during recessions. It’s not a surprise that investors are moving investments into cash as the coronavirus media continues to affect daily lives around the world. I have been trading and moving FOREX/foreign exchange currencies daily. It’s about adapting to changes in any market conditions and any global environments. Today will be different than tomorrow and the day after. Raking in more piles of leaves now.🍂 🍃Shouldn’t people continue to live as if there would be no tomorrow anyway? Fear kills more than just the coronavirus or any viruses alone.

Just a few thoughts. What will Fed do as the market turns even more sour? What will happen to coronavirus when the warmer weather seasons kick in? What will international housing prices look like? Who will become the next U.S. President? Will people continue to buy/use mobile apps/devices/unified communications or favor virtual technology and virtual businesses? Let the PROs do their jobs. Accept the free stimulus money. Focus on you.👩🏻‍💻🖲🍁

By the way, Asian businesses, restaurants, and grocery stores are hit hardest in countries with Chinatowns and all around the world. While people are scrambling to purchase household cleaning supplies or worrying about protecting themselves with protective gears, people are refraining from group events and dining out less at selective locations. We are not even living in World War III yet, but the panicking experiences and aftermath affects are real. We cannot control everything in life, but we can control our own decisions to live better and improve ourselves. We control if we are happy or sad. Please, continue to live the normal life, travel, and keep pursuing your dreams! We should live a greater life instead of focusing on the negative impacts in months to come. No one can predict the future.

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Who Am I: My name is Mary D. Lu, a self-funded investor and creative entrepreneur. My passions are in music, art, cooking, writing, and traveling. I believe in inspiring and influencing people from all backgrounds, building their confidence to see the world and living a more improved lifestyle. What I Blog About: I absolutely enjoy new experiences of living and working remotely abroad in different countries around the world. Cooking cultural foods and dining are some of my favorite experiences during traveling. Over the years, I have found ways to fund my adventures throughout my journey: free airfares, free hotel stays, upgrades, transportation, dining, and more. Is traveling expensive? It depends on the traveler, budget, and season. I am a travel bargain hunter. I still eat great foods, enjoy local entertainments, and stay at convenient hotel locations. Traveling is helpful for building positive mindsets, discovering your own true spirit, offering life balance, and expanding perspectives around different world cultures, languages, and history. You can better connect with the world through foreign languages, cooking, music, and other shared hobbies, in which all experiences help contribute to world peace. I enjoy sharing my travel experiences with the world and hope that the information provided will help influence your next memorable trip planning decisions. Feel free to follow Meriloo Adventures! I look forward to sharing and introducing you folks to various adventures and destinations around the countries, based on my own travel experiences. Life is too short. Let’s have fun exploring what real life have to offer and capture those moments in time!

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