2020: Saudi Arabia-Russia Oil War Sparked By Coronavirus

I was browsing the Internet and came across some books, “The Eyes of Darkness” by David Koontz in 1981, and “End of Days” by Sylvia Browne in 1989. Did the American author really predicted the 2020 COVID-19 and named it Wuhan-400, where it mentioned that the virus was made and developed in a lab outside of Wuhan as China’s biological weapon? People are talking about the books and how closely it relates to the current coronavirus outbreak, but there are no solid proofs that there are any links between the two types of viruses. After all, writers do have spontaneous imaginations, so do not believe everything in books to be true.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia decided to decrease oil productions as Russia follows, driving oil sector stocks to the lowest prices since 1991. It will keep oil prices low across to foreign countries, and Russia sees it as an opportunity to slam the U.S. oil Industry businesses with super low oil prices. U.S. President Donald Trump is in the position to handle the ongoing issues of coronavirus , oil war price drops, and creating stimulus incentive plans to temporarily help Americans get through this period of time.

The economic impact is real and the crisis will not end anytime soon. In my opinion, the United States number of reported coronavirus infected and confirmed cases are too low and inaccurate compared to the rest of the world. We simply do not have enough test kits or routines to get all Americans tested in time. Not all people are getting tested as there are worries about having to pay extra out of pocket costs to deal with coronavirus.

Regardless of what the news media is saying, keep in mind that the best way to protect yourself is still by practicing appropriate hand wash methods to prevent the spreading of flu and viruses. No one knows how bad the situations would escalate as the confirmed coronavirus numbers increase in the next few days, weeks, or months. Remember, washing hands and staying clean are things that we can do to control or decrease the risk of getting coronavirus. Sing your way through your daily hand washing moments! Take care.

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