2020: The United States Travel Ban on Europe Countries

It was a surprise to the world when our U.S. President Trump suddenly declared coronavirus (COVID19) as a national emergency this week and banned Europe flights, set travel restrictions (except the U.K.) to enter the United States, starting this weekend for up to 30 days. Americans who are seeking to travel back into the country are stuck at airports and then being transferred to quarantine sites for 14 days. Meanwhile, grocery stores, pharmacies, and hospitals around the world have been seeing large numbers of customers and patients surge as demands for supplies are running low. In times of panicking due to the coronavirus outbreaks, people are lining up to buy toilet paper, sanitation products, hand sanitizers, Lysol disinfectant sprays, wet alcohol wipes, face masks, and more. The situation will only get worse before it gets any better and the stock markets around the world are plummeting to bear market results. There are rumors that it has become worse than 1987’s stock market crash.

The cause and effects of coronavirus are real. Everyone in all backgrounds around the world are feeling the reality of the overrated television media and social media news. People are asked to practice social distancing, working from home, and public school districts are temporarily closing its doors. Not enough test kits are available and not enough people in the United States are being tested. Cases in New York and Washington states have became the epidemic centers of the massive breakouts. Italy has closed off their entire country’s borders and lives will never be the same as people are facing the new normal life experiences. France is beginning to close down on large gatherings, restaurants, cafes, and even the Eiffel Tower has shut down.

What’s really a contagion right now is that people are spreading fears around others. A population are not concerned about social distancing, but it was recommended that people refrain from large group gatherings to help reduce the number of coronavirus cases. Unfortunately, there are no known vaccines developed at this time as it can take a few months or a years, so further domestic travel bans may be coming soon. Damage is done. People are living in fear during this crisis and are preparing for emergencies as the situations worsen. Playgrounds, shopping malls, movie theaters, themed park attractions, librairies, and childcare places are showing vacancies as families are recommended to stay home or away from others. No one knows who may have the coronavirus or who might accidentally pass it on to someone else without knowing. Some will survive, but the infected cases and death tolls will grow. People around the world are talking about it every second of the day. Let’s pray that the situations are getting contained, controlled, and that a solution be created soon. South Korea, China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong showed signs of recent containment in their own countries, but Italy’s entire country lockdown is severe. Other countries will be experiencing similar effects and impacts throughout their communities. Leadership across the world needs to step up to provide clear messages to its people to prevent confusions. This is definitely going to cost billions of dollars to get fixed. People are hoping for better news to come in future days, weeks, and months while staying more inside their homes.

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