2020: San Francisco Bay Area Lockdown

This week, California’s San Francisco Bay Area counties finally announced Shelter-In-Place for all residents to help flatten the coronavirus (COVID-19) national rise of infected cases. As more states started to follow this new drill across the country, the news injected addition fear to the public and stirred up more exhaustion into the stock market. People immediately raced to long lines inside grocery stores and pharmacies to stock up on foods and emergency medical supplies. Selective schools are asked to be closed for the rest of this school year. The U.S. Government is working on over a trillion dollars bailout to help everyone during the crisis. People are upset with the government’s handling of the illness spread. Everyone around the world is glued to the negative media news and chat discussions have gone viral on social media. Fear and anxiety are growing at its highest levels.

During these times, people need to remember to develop mental toughness and confidence. They need to keep themselves healthy , hydrated, and safe by limiting group activities or being exposed. Being brave and confident is required in order to make courages choices for achieving an ideal life in an abnormal setting. There are too many familiar pains, struggles, and patterns around the world right now. In order to live the best life possible in times of a crisis, people need to embrace the freedom of picking new choices by doing new things and making better decisions. Don’t be blinded! It is easier to be saddened or depressed by the entire situation, compared to pushing through and surviving through tough times. Lots of people will be losing their jobs as employers struggle to keep their businesses alive.
The real test of life is what you will be worth when you have nothing left in your control. Leaders are constantly put into these tests each day, and so are medical professionals and staff members, as well as public servants who are working at their peak levels to help keep the public safe during these times.

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