2020: Social Distancing in Spring

Each day, people wake up wondering when the worldwide coronavirus pandemic would end and when they would be able to get back to their normal social lives again. The total number of coronavirus cases and deaths continues to rise as the United States expects its peak report numbers by next week. Meanwhile, people are trying to keep themselves occupied at home, working from home when possible, home schooling for children, putting food on the tables, and some are fortunate enough to be caring for elderly parents.

This is the best time for everyone to be exploring and discovering their own talents, while offering their hands to ones in need. It is rare for Americans to get the luxury of staying at home and spending more quality time with loved ones. Unlike Asia and Europe, Americans don’t usually get much time off for a paid vacation or annual holidays. With unemployment numbers rising in the millions each week, the U.S. Government is working on pouring more stimulus money into the hands of lower income Americans and hoping that it will help those who have lost jobs or businesses in the past weeks.

People have told me how they are inspired with my hobbies, admire my success, and enjoy watching the sharing of my lifestyle. I am considered an introvert living an extroverted life at times. The focus in life should be about finding ways to improve yourself, doing more of the things that make you feel fulfilled and happy, and gaining freedom in the world we live in. Some people are more successful than others, because they found peace and harmony throughout the works in life, while others are still searching for themselves. There’s no real secret recipe to success. When you dedicate more time to doing the things you love, it will all contribute to the foundation of your future. Nothing is supposed to be easy. Life is all about exploring new experiences and adventures.

What determines how I feel, keeps me going, and motivates my day depends on how I start my day and what I do about it each day. For instance, I enjoy drawing, cooking, and playing with all my musical instruments. I created my fun place or heaven. This is the best time to start with what you enjoy doing and making improvements on it. People are usually distracted by noise around them. When we learn how to let go of negativity and start chasing positivity, then that’s when we will see improvements. This coronavirus is a pandemic, similar to the Spanish Flu in 1918. It would take at least one year before a vaccine solution would be in place before the world can get back to rebuilding the economy again. Meanwhile, medical researchers around the world are testing several areas of all patients, as well as those who had recovered from COVID-19. Take this time to invest in yourself and those around you. This is going to be one of the most memorable times in your life if you turn it into real quality time for now. Keep moving forward and don’t look back, but do enjoy all the fun things that can be created by you during this social distancing time in life.

Published by Mary Lu

Who Am I: My name is Mary D. Lu, a self-funded investor and creative entrepreneur. My passions are in music, art, cooking, writing, and traveling. I believe in inspiring and influencing people from all backgrounds, building their confidence to see the world and living a more improved lifestyle. What I Blog About: I absolutely enjoy new experiences of living and working remotely abroad in different countries around the world. Cooking cultural foods and dining are some of my favorite experiences during traveling. Over the years, I have found ways to fund my adventures throughout my journey: free airfares, free hotel stays, upgrades, transportation, dining, and more. Is traveling expensive? It depends on the traveler, budget, and season. I am a travel bargain hunter. I still eat great foods, enjoy local entertainments, and stay at convenient hotel locations. Traveling is helpful for building positive mindsets, discovering your own true spirit, offering life balance, and expanding perspectives around different world cultures, languages, and history. You can better connect with the world through foreign languages, cooking, music, and other shared hobbies, in which all experiences help contribute to world peace. I enjoy sharing my travel experiences with the world and hope that the information provided will help influence your next memorable trip planning decisions. Feel free to follow Meriloo Adventures! I look forward to sharing and introducing you folks to various adventures and destinations around the countries, based on my own travel experiences. Life is too short. Let’s have fun exploring what real life have to offer and capture those moments in time!

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