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Mary Lu

MY PRESENT: Self-Funded Entrepreneur, Investor, Veteran, Writer, Foodie, Music Lover & World Traveler. MY PAST: Military Chef, Technology Sales Management, International Sales Enablement, Global Business, Community Volunteer

Influence Positivity and Inspire

Who Am I: My name is Mary D. Lu, a self-funded entrepreneur, Business Owner/CEO of multiple e-Commerce businesses. I am a U.S. Army veteran who previously served in the military and worked in Food Service/Culinary Arts Team. In my previous career, I was working full-time with technical sales teams at Silicon Valley technology companies around the world. Each corporate cultural was different and I have participated in numerous group collaboration activities.

Experience Those Memories

By 2016, I left my corporate sales job and jump started my own eCommerce businesses in 2017. Throughout my entrepreneurship journey, I have discovered my deepest passions and enjoyments are in music, art, cooking, writing, singing, traveling, and global communications. I believe in sharing new opportunities, experiences, and knowledge by educating the world regarding world cultures and peace. I look forward to inspiring people from all walks of life, and building their confidence levels in a positive way, while leading them towards a more improved lifestyle. Each person is only a few steps away from improving and fulfilling their life goals.

Turn Probabilities Into Possibilities
Expertise and Experiences
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  • Inspire
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  • Travel
  • Foods
  • Culture
  • Music
  • Mindset
Set Examples
Find Your Tunes
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  • Lead
  • Design
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  • Motivate
  • Action
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