2020: Social Distancing in Spring

Each day, people wake up wondering when the worldwide coronavirus pandemic would end and when they would be able to get back to their normal social lives again. The total number of coronavirus cases and deaths continues to rise as the United States expects its peak report numbers by next week. Meanwhile, people are tryingContinue reading “2020: Social Distancing in Spring”

2020: San Francisco Bay Area Lockdown

This week, California’s San Francisco Bay Area counties finally announced Shelter-In-Place for all residents to help flatten the coronavirus (COVID-19) national rise of infected cases. As more states started to follow this new drill across the country, the news injected addition fear to the public and stirred up more exhaustion into the stock market. PeopleContinue reading “2020: San Francisco Bay Area Lockdown”

2020: The United States Travel Ban on Europe Countries

It was a surprise to the world when our U.S. President Trump suddenly declared coronavirus (COVID19) as a national emergency this week and banned Europe flights, set travel restrictions (except the U.K.) to enter the United States, starting this weekend for up to 30 days. Americans who are seeking to travel back into the countryContinue reading “2020: The United States Travel Ban on Europe Countries”

2020: Diversify Your Businesses

When I began establishing my online businesses, I made the right decision to not stick with only one business, but to create and invest into multiple types of businesses. I am hearing from other business owners regarding the ongoing challenges they are struggling with to keep their businesses going during rough times. Businesses affected inContinue reading “2020: Diversify Your Businesses”

2020: Saudi Arabia-Russia Oil War Sparked By Coronavirus

I was browsing the Internet and came across some books, “The Eyes of Darkness” by David Koontz in 1981, and “End of Days” by Sylvia Browne in 1989. Did the American author really predicted the 2020 COVID-19 and named it Wuhan-400, where it mentioned that the virus was made and developed in a lab outsideContinue reading “2020: Saudi Arabia-Russia Oil War Sparked By Coronavirus”

2020: Walking And Working In Fears of Coronavirus

In my opinion, The Federal Reserve slashing the interest rates by 0.50 was a panic too soon. Short term billions are still being made in this market. During sideway market swings, the airlines, cruises, hotels, restaurants, and credit cards/banks are being hit hardest. Yes, cleaning supplies, utilities, household products, groceries, and online entertainment/online shopping willContinue reading “2020: Walking And Working In Fears of Coronavirus”


Dear Visitors, Thank you for visiting. As an entrepreneur, I have found ways to fund my adventures throughout my journey: free airfares, free hotel stays, upgrades, transportation, dining, and more. Is traveling expensive? It depends on the traveler, budget, and season. I am a travel bargain hunter. I still eat great foods, enjoy local entertainments,Continue reading “Introduction”