Foodie Cooking Experiences

Meriloo Adventures Foodie Cooking Experiences provide participants with exposures to international cooking and/or baking experiences. Some of our classes include making French pastries, Chinese dim sum, Japanese omusubi, Vietnamese dishes, Korean bowls, and more. Find your favorite taste buds!

Use our colorful Kitchen Aid baking equipments.

Types of Classes Offered

French Pastries

Chinese Dim Sum

Chinese Siu Mai
French Baguettes
Choux Pastries
Variety Sushi
Pineapple Coconut Lemon Cake
With Chocolate Filling

3-Course Meal

Soup & Bread of the Day

Croissants & Chocolate Bread
Finland Korvapuusti Rolls
Hot Dog Rolls


Japanese Set Meal
Thai Tom Kha Seafood Soup
Vegetarian Steamed Buns

Let’s cook or bake something together.

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