Foodie Cooking Experiences

Meriloo Adventures Foodie Cooking Experiences provide participants with exposures to international cooking and/or baking experiences. Some of our classes will include setting up your own unique dining sets, 3-5 course meals, and/or tea parties. Explore your creative dining spaces, colorful passions, and taste buds!

Use our colorful Kitchen Aid baking equipments.

Types of Classes Offered


Noodles & Soups

Chinese Siu Mai
French Baguettes
French Choux Pastries
Variety Sushi
Meriloo Coconut Strawberry Chocolate Tart Cake
Chinese Coconut Chicken Soup
Colorful Spring & Summer Drinks
Fun Sweet Pieces
Special Meat Cakes
Set Meals
Spaghetti & Pastas
Fruit Breads
Danish Pastries
Spring & Summer Drinks

3-5 Course Meal Set

Afternoon Tea Party

Paris Macarons
French & Chocolate Bread
Raisin & Nut Buns
Meriloo Customized Macarons
Asian Herbal Soup Ingredients
Asian Pork Melon Soup
Holiday Party Appetizers
Fancy Pancakes
Cheese & Meat Lasagna
Set Meals
Set Meals
Pot Pies
Variety Pho Bowls
Fresh Daily Bagels


French Crêpes
Lovely Panna Cotta
Meriloo Meal Set
Assorted Bread Buns
Pot Roast with Potatoes
Special Crab Rice
Food Centerpieces
Valentine Favorites
Air Fryer Shrimps
Meriloo Chocolates
Set Meals
Ginseng Chicken Soup
Sweet & Sour Chili Pork Ribs
Spring & Summer Rolls
Egg Frittata
Chicken Pot Rice

Let’s cook or bake something together.

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