Meriloo Sweet Treats Collection

Purchase a special treat here. Surprise your loved ones! Choose from our homemade Meriloo Adventures Sweet Treats: cookies, cakes, macarons, chocolates, breads, and other pastries or desserts. Each food product is packed with love, pride, and passion. NOTE: These Meriloo Adventures Sweet Treats are only available in the local San Francisco Bay Area (California) for pickup or delivery. Not available for shipping outside of the local area for now. Order at least two weeks in advance for the holidays or for an upcoming special occasion! Contact us for details at:

Cookies, Cakes, Macarons, Chocolates, Panna Cottas, And Breads

Lemon Almond Rose Panna Cotta

Priced per piece. This is approximately 2” x 2” in size and the flower shaped panna cotta is stored frozen and refrigerated. Product contains dried rose, lemon extract, milk, sugar, almonds, and heavy cream. Honey is for display only. If you want to purchase more pieces, please modify the quantity amount.


Enjoy Our Delicious Homemade Goodies!

Musical Themed Cookies

One set is a dozen or 12 pieces of Meriloo Adventures musical themed vanilla shortbread cookies, assorted music theme shapes and sizes. These are carefully crafted special baked goods and perfect as gifts. Each is individually wrapped for convenience. Product contains milk, sugar, vanilla, flour, and butter. Order at least 2-weeks in advance as we may become especially busy during the holidays.


Mousse Jello Round Cake

Our 10” round shaped cakes are special. 18-20 slices or max. 30 small servings. Bottom layer: cake, middle layer: mousse, and top layer: fruit jello and/or jelly glaze combination. Our cakes are less sweeter than regular bakery cakes. Email us to confirm location, date, and time of pickup or delivery, no later than 2-weeks in advance. San Francisco Bay Area locations only.


Assorted Macarons

One set of 5 pieces, large sized custom macarons, assorted colors, variety flavors, and hand drawn designs. These delicate macarons are larger than the average macarons sold inside bakeries. Soft and creamy middle fillings. Product contains almond, flour, sugar, milk, and eggs. Order 2 quantities if you want 10 pieces, 3 quantities for 15 pieces, etc.


MERILOO Daily Soup Specials (TBD-Unavailable)

Our bakery selections are homemade with love, pride, and passion.

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